The UHP Flexibility Video Series


Now is your chance to learn the advanced UHP techniques taught by Joe Hippensteel in the comfort of your own home.  The bundle has over 5 hours of detailed techniques of the real SCIENCE of Flexibility, which includes:

- The GOAL’D STANDARD™ - Foundations of Flexibility
- UHP ROM 24 Advanced Ranges of Motion
- Tricks of the Trade Supplemental Techniques

You will get instructions on each of the UHP ROM 24™ positions from Joe and Mimi as well as being able to participate in a virtual workshop with 7 other people onscreen. Then you will learn the techniques that will increase the progress of your journey to optimal health, using Joe's recommendations on props, Hipp 86 Trigger Point™, and various other UHP Tricks of the Trade.

The Bundle is thorough, detailed and comprehensive in helping you discover the sources of your pain or injury.  Once identified, you will learn the path to overcome these limitations and propel yourself forward to Ultimate Human Performance.   Welcome to the UHP experience.



UHP Seminars Successfully Completed in 2019:

  • San Diego: March 1-7
  • Phoenix: April 12-14
  • NY/NJ: April 26 - May 2
  • Stuttgart, Germany: May 31 - June 2
  • Chicago: June 21-23


Vancouver, Canada Seminar

September 20-26, 2019

Location: Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre

Join us for our 2nd International Seminar of 2019 on September 20-22 with Certification Course to follow! This Seminar is 12 hours of intensive interactive flexibility work. Learn how to take care of your own body and how to eliminate pain/injury while learning the standards for Range of Motion and the science behind flexibility. You will learn how to train your body back to optimal health with an ongoing program relevant to all needs and lifestyles. This program is for everyone.

Hotel Information:

The seminar and certification will be taking place at the Delta Hotels Burnaby Conference Centre Hotel. We have arranged a special group rate at the hotel for all of our attendees.

Seminar Schedule:

Friday, September 20: 3-7pm
Saturday, September 21: 10-2pm
Sunday, September 22: 10-2pm

Certification Schedule:

Sunday, September 22: 3-6pm
Monday, September 23: 9:30-4:30pm
Tuesday, September 24: 9:30-4:30pm
Wednesday, September 25: 9:30-4:30pm
Thursday, September 26: 9:30-4:30pm

Please call (928) 853-9914 or email to reserve your spot in our Vancouver Seminar today.

Be awesome every day. And, stay loose.

Certification Course Information:

Level 101: September 22-23
Certified Physio/Kinesiologist, CPK, is to teach you the basics of working on other people. Learn how to direct others in an exact stretching protocol with progressive steps. You will also learn, with 10 hours of practice, how to work trigger point and tension release for faster progress and recovery. When in San Diego, you would work on each other and Navy SEALs.

Level 102 (Prerequisite: Level 101): September 24-25
CPK Advanced level, is more advanced work on each other and explanations of how to work on or eliminate dozens of difficult conditions like bulging discs, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, torn rotator cuff, knee issues, neck issues, hip issues, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and many more.

Level 103 (Prerequisite Level 102): September 25-26
CPKE, Expert level, is Integration of this training into athletics and lifestyles. Our methods work for virtually every musculoskeletal condition but people have to learn how to train properly and when and how to use these practices in their lifestyles. Learn things like sitting in a chair properly, how to help other athletes train correctly and not keep re injuring themselves. You would also learn how to set up training programs properly integrating aerobic and anaerobic training, recovery days, wearing a belt and how flexibility fits into a proper four part warm up, all workouts, and lifestyles on a daily basis. You would also be taught some of the mental techniques, for example, how to meditate and control your metabolism and eliminate colds, sickness, or flu, literally, in under one hour.

Please contact us for more information and costs of the Certification Courses.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I have not walked for over four years because of a neurological disorder. After only two sessions with Joe, I am walking. Honestly! He is a miracle worker.

“I’ve watched 7 Navy SEALs with chronic injuries perform maneuvers and positions that they couldn’t perform only an hour before. I can lift and squat more now because my body isn’t fighting itself. Incredible pain resolution. Watch 55-year-olds regain the flexibility of 18-year-olds.”

Meeting Mimi & Joe was nothing short of a divine intervention. It led me to a profound life changing process towards limitless potential. I felt improvement on the first session. Mimi’s wisdom and guidance helped me regain my body’s full range of motion. My body is now flowing freely and open. I feel stronger pushing myself beyond what I thought was ever possible. I am forever grateful!

Joe and Mimi save lives, including mine! My chiropractor introduced me to their “magic”.

I had terrible plantar fasciitis which felt like walking on boils for years and when I stood up, I would almost crumble from pain. I wasted thousands on worthless orthotics.  After 15 minutes with Joe, learning 2 stretches, I was PAIN FREE!! Unbelievable! The same with my low back pain, which I lived with all my life. Pain was gone. I’m 86 years old, in good shape without “issues” now thanks to Joe and Mimi, who is equally skilled and so-o-o knowledgeable. 

I have saved several friends “souls” with Joe and Mimi ! Jim cancelled his hip surgery after meeting with Joe. Dan was saved from back surgery. Our son-in-law cancelled shoulder replacement surgery. Others have had terrible pain alleviated. including my sister who was nearly suicidal because of pain.

Joe Hippensteel has been AMAZING for my football career. After a devastating quad tendon tear at 34 years old, I didn’t know if I’d ever play again. Doing the UHP program made me feel 5 years younger and cleared up the tendonitis I battled for over a decade in less than a month.

I read about Joe Hippensteel in David Goggins’ book and was lucky enough to have a private session with him. We covered 4 ROMs and they have made a massive difference! I practice them almost daily and the results are astonishing. In less than a month, my lower back pain is under control and my shoulder pain is almost completely gone.

Joe is a miracle worker. I went running this week for the first time in over 30 years. I love the range of motion that I now have, and I am free of pain.  Working double shifts as a restaurant server used to cause depressing pain. Thanks to Joe, I have a new lease on life.

I’m a former US Marine. As an 18-year-old jarhead, I never imagined the pain I’d suffer in my 40’s by not taking better care of my body. I experienced chronic pain cycles for eleven years, but then I met Joe. After just one session, I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Meet Joe Hippensteel

Joe Hippensteel, a Master in Physio-Kinesiology, focuses on Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) at the highest levels. He spent many years training for the Decathlon at a national level. Due to his size (or lack thereof), and lack of God given talent, his accomplishments were developed through extremely hard work and creative, extremely advanced methods of training over a 30 year period. The Decathlon (10 events in Track and Field contested over 2 days) is considered one of the most grueling of all sports and because of the diversity of skills needed, is extremely difficult to train for. Most of the athletes that compete in the decathlon at a National or World class level have natural speed, strength and size, averaging 6' 2" and weighing 190 lbs. Joe is 5'8'' and 168 lbs. and without natural speed. His passionate desire and dreams of making an Olympic Team made him commit to incredibly intense training averaging 8 - 10 hours per day 5 - 6 days per week for many years in order to keep up with the much taller, stronger, faster athletes. Although he did not reach his goal of making an Olympic team, he developed many creative and intense training methods that allowed him to improve his performance to reach a national level. His education emphasized Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Biology. He achieved All American Status in University, Division I competition and received The Scholar Athlete Award from CSU Fresno in his senior year. He also researched and studied the "Powers of the Mind" for decades and is certified as a Master Hypnotist by two national organizations.

After pulling a hamstring right before two different Olympic Trials competitions, Joe dedicated himself to overcoming these problems that almost all athletes face sometime in their careers, he had over 100 injuries over a 30 year period of training. Many medical professionals recommended surgery for some of these "irreparable injuries". "I felt there had to be a better way, and I was on a mission to figure it out through more advanced and creative training methods", says Joe. Currently, he owns his own Professional Track and Field Team training athletes for the Olympics and World Championships. He still trains at an intense level with some of his World Class athletes virtually injury free to this day. He has mastered and learned to integrate all areas of training and methods of Ultimate Human Performance. These areas include; Elite Track & Field Techniques, Speed, Strength, Power, Flexibility, Nutrition, Injury Elimination, and All Physiological & Psychological Aspects of "ULTIMATE HUMAN PERFORMANCE".

The key to Mr. Hippensteel's success is INTEGRATION of all of the above aspects as well as detailed understanding and use of the knowledge of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Myopractic, Massage Therapy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, kinesiology, hypnosis and visualization techniques, along with the extremely advanced methods of training and Injury Elimination Techniques developed by Joe called UHP ROM 24™ Flexibility/Mobility Standards (24 Ranges of Motion) and The Hipp 86 Method™ of Tension Release. They are used in his training and coaching of athletes, trainers and coaches. By transferring his knowledge and experience to athletes he now works with, performance improvements are fast and constant. Athletes, under his programs continue to improve every year in virtually every area of performance. ULTIMATE HUMAN PERFORMANCE has always been the goal, and knowledge and integration of all aspects of performance are his strong points.

Meet Mimi Ney

Mimi has been doing injury prevention/rehab methods for over 25 years. She graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in August of 1989 and started working in health clubs and chiropractic offices in Atlanta, GA. Mimi then opened and operated her own massage therapy practice in Atlanta for 9 years, where she developed and managed a diverse client base, providing long and short term therapies in the areas of sports massage, deep tissue, pain relief, flexibility and strength, injury rehab and relaxation/stress reduction. She works with professional athletes regularly and worked at the 1995 Track & Field Olympic Trials in New Orleans, the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, and at the 1992 World Track & Field Championships in Goetborg, Sweden. Mimi is certified in Sports Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy and is also trained in Swedish, deep tissue, cross fiber, and extensive anatomy and physiology.

In 1996, Mimi started working and training with Joe Hippensteel of Ultimate Human Performance, Inc. His unique and advanced training methods and training paradigms using UHP ROM 24 standards helped Mimi achieve great gains in her strength, speed and flexibility where she was able to squat twice her body weight (200 lbs) for 10 reps and run a 4:52 1500 meters (5:10 mile). Mimi has competed for over 20 years in amateur sports, including road races, track & field (1500 meters, 800 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters) and cycling events. She is currently training for the mile in track & field (National Champion several times), and has remained injury free due to her knowledge of flexibility, strength, rest and recovery, nutrition, and proper integration of training.

Since 2011, she and Joe Hippensteel have been working with the Navy SEALs in San Diego, to teach advanced training methods to help reduce their injuries, increase performance and increase their operational longevity. She also continues to work with professional athletes and private clients to achieve these goals.

Included in Mimi’s client list are Olympic and World Champions and National, American and World Record Holders: Michael Johnson, Gwen Torrence, Juliet Cuthbert, Pauline Davis, Tisha Waller, France Larieu-Smith, as well as clients listed on our website

Mimi welcomes an opportunity to work with you.

One-On-One Online Consultations Available

Joe and Mimi are available for private online consultations via Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. Please call (928) 853-9914 or email for details and scheduling.