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Michael Fulmer, now Detroit Tigers, 2016 American League Rookie of the Year
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Kris Benson
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Zach Bogosian, NHL
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Penny Hardaway, NBA
Meb Keflezighi, Olympic Marathon Silver Medalist
Steve Scott, American record holder, 1 mile.
Kevin Young, World Record holder 400 M Hurdles
Bershawn Jackson, 400 Hurdles, #1 in the world 2005
Shiela E, Musician
Taylor Dayne, Musician

"While looking into alternatives to having shoulder surgery, I found Joe Hippensteel. He fixed my shoulder (torn labrum) in just a few weeks. I went from excruciating pain, to no pain by following his Ultimate Human Performance training methods."

"At age 53, after seven knee surgeries and making the decision to get knee replacement surgery and accepting that I'll never play tennis again, Joe changed my life in 1 week. I play tennis now 4 days / week with no pain or surgery."

"Joe Hipp works miracles. His work and methods are unbelievable. Amazing."

U.S. Navy SEAL/SWCC and a few family members!

"This program needs to train 50+ providers, be initiated in great lakes, incorporated into BUD/s and become "natural" to SEALs--as an expected baseline."

"This program has changed my life. I do not experience back pain and I can do things that I thought I would never do again such as run and surf. I feel better at age 60 than I did at age 40. I think that everyone in NSW should be exposed to Joe Hipp's program. Joe is an outstanding communicator who can explain every move he asks his students to make. The hands-on, one-on-one work that Joe and Mimi provide produces incredible results."

"The strength of this program lies in the athletic background of Joe and Mimi and their ability to diagnose and treat the root of the issues in simple ways that get us back into high performing functions. This focus on quickly returning athletes to where they had been performing or actually improving goes beyond what typical PT or medical folks focus on. They also give you tools to keep up the maintenance work on your own which will keep many of us out of the Dr. Shop in the future."

"For 15 years my flexibility and range of motion has been very restricted. I have been living with constant, chronic back, shoulder, hip, ankle, and knee pain. I tried several methods to improve my flexibility, restore range of motion, and reduce pain without results.Within 4 days (9 hours) working with Joe H., I have restored range of motion to my back, hips, and shoulders with a drastic decrease in pain and reduction in severe cramps.I have never experienced such rapid results and gains from other methods. I believe Joe’s approach and methods are critical for improving the quality of life for NSW personnel as well as a foundational skill to ensure operator longevity and performance.In 15 years of chronic pain I thought I would never get my flexibility or range of motion back. This program has proven to me that through proper training and techniques, I can regain my athletic ability, flexibility and reduce my pain. NSW needs to institutionalize this."

"After experiencing back spasms from a previous injury, Joe was able to help me become pain free without narcotics in 4 days. The previous injury had flared up 2 to 3 times in the last 6 years and took at minimum of a month to recover, through his methods I was able to reduce the pain to zero and educate myself on how to prevent this in the future. My strength was increased due to gains in flexibility and range of motion. These methods should be mandatory for any SWCC operator from selection through their time at an operational team. While this last flare up had me on narcotics from Aeloded? to Percocet and muscle relaxers from Atavan to Flexeril, within 4 days of being taught this regimen, I no longer needed those meds."

"Neck, back, lumbar, shoulders, knees, right lat and peck . . . I’ve seen over 20 Doctors, 15 MRI’s, and numerable amounts of x-Rays. I have also had over 50 injections, with little relief. I have also had multiple dry needling sessions, acupuncture sessions, along with many other methods to relieve my pain. In 4 days working with Joe, my range of motion has more than doubles in every area, and my back pain is O! (zero). This includes my neck, shoulders, knees and right lat and peck."

"After an injury in November 2001 from deadlifts, I’ve had chronic back problems/pain. 2.5 yrs of Chiropractors and physical therapy I was able to treat the symptoms for temporary relief. In 1 minute Joe was able to explain my real issue, a tightness across my entire right leg and lower back. In 45 minutes he was able to unlock 75% of my back and relieve 2.5 yrs of pain. In short, Joe accomplished in less than one hour what countless “professionals”, chiropractors; physical therapist couldn’t in almost 3 years!"

"Joe is a miracle worker."

"More improvement in 2 days than years of surgery /rehab."

"Joe is a true professional. I had 2 MRI’s, 1 for SLAP tear, 1 for knee. I no longer feel pain I had before and have full range."

"In 3 hours total work – pain gone from neck (1 year), numbness gone3 from feet (2 months) and just feel better – excellent."

"This type of exercise should be a major part of our conditioning . . . "

"Is something that should balance our fitness program, it has been neglected the majority of my 16 years of service."

"Prior to working with Joe, I had pain and minimal range of movement in my neck. 2 days and now I can look up and lean my head side to side with no pain. Joe’s techniques are great and something I can continue on my own . . . dry needling provided temporary relief . . . stems provided temporary relief . . . motrin was not working . . . stretching has improved ROM in my neck and I have no neck pain."

"I thought my shoulder and elbow (pain) would be something I would live with for the rest of my life. After years of therapy, massages and Chiropractic care, I thought that there was nothing left to relieve my pain. All of my injuries were due to improper stretching and NOW ALL PAIN IS GONE. I will continue stretching and Joe found some other problems that would of led into an injury had he not caught them. Thanks for everything Joe."

"I had hip surgery 18 months ago and have been in pain for about 5 years. My hip pain decreased markedly on the first day (1 hour)."

"Overall eye opening experience for fitness and strength’s direct correlation to flexibility."

"I’ve seen at least 4-5 doctors or physical therapists over the past 2 years for some relief from lower back and hip pain that I’ve had for 9+ years. After 2 x-rays and 1 MRI and 12 months of physical therapy, my pain was reduced, maybe, by 10% and that’s a generous estimate. I never got an explanation of how to solve this (if it were even possible) until I met Joe Hippensteel. Joe immediately knew what the problem was (tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments), thoroughly explained WHY I was having pain, and showed me exactly how to solve the problem for good. I admit I was skeptical, having been in pain for so long, but I can say after 1 week and 30+ hours of stretching using his teachings, my pain has decreased 15%, and I expect major breakthroughs in the coming days and weeks. Not only is he able to fully explain the causes and treatments and ultimately solutions to the pain, I have personally watched him preform pain removal with many members of the team, including myself. In addition to his knowledge, I can’t stress enough the character of Joe Hipp -he is totally positive about the ability to regain flexibility and eliminate pain, he is selflessly devoted to helping everyone who comes to him as much as he can, and he is also generous with sharing his knowledge and experience of 30+ years of high level training, both his own and that of his athletes. I have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from University of Florida, and I know nothing compared to this man. I think it would be a disservice to the entire NSW community to deprive them of his abilities to: 1) rehab and prevent injury, and 2) increase performance of every member who truly wants it. Joe’s a great athlete without an ego who can only help this community in many ways."

"Gave special attention to each individual. I have been hurting for years at a very young age and have been told by numerous doctors/physical therapist that my muscles were weak or my spine didn’t have enough bend (excuse after excuse for pain. Joe said that’s not true, it’s you’re tight) and he was right. I’m seeing improvement in days when I was on the verge of just giving up, believing I would hurt forever. But I can…and will change this. Thank you so much Joe. You have saved my body and changed my outlook on life. I am so much more positive now because I don’t hurt as much and know what I can do!"

"I’ve watched 7 SEALs with chronic injuries perform maneuvers and positions that they couldn’t perform only 1 hour before. Can lift and squat more because my body isn’t fighting itself. Incredible pain resolution. See 55 years gain 18 year olds flexibility."

"Great instructor, learned a lot. Will recommend to everyone. Very beneficial."

"Excellent instruction, best I’ve had in a long time."

"Great, eye opening program. Explanations of problems compliment program perfectly."

"Great stuff."

"Joe opened eyes to a whole other world. Wish I had started Joe’s program years ago."

"Great program learned a lot feel better overall. Hurry back."

"Thoroughly opened up my mind to the importance of stretching."

"I only had the opportunity to do one day but I did see a very improved result from the stretching I did."

"Needs to expand to east Coast."

"The support and help this program provided me is fantastic. Joe and Mimi provided excellent, tailored training for my injury that immediately improved my range of motion and decreased pain. I strongly support this program."

"This program is vital to my health as an operator. It requires work commitment and a little discomfort which lends itself well to the community. This is the first time in my life that I've been able to actually "work" at fixing my back and knees."

"I have had what I consider serious back and shoulder pain for several years now and for the first time I have had none. More team guys need to be involved in this and taught in such a way that they can be self-sufficient on deployment. This means team guys being taught to assist other team guys with the stretches and pressing. It does not appear to be a difficult thing but it might require time and practice. This program could cut down the lost time due to muscular injuries to a negligible amount. UHP is a must have!"

"I had worked with Joe and Mimi approximately two months before deploying overseas. I was very concerned with wearing body armor and the adverse effects it might have on my back pain. I used the stretching program that I learned from Joe and Mimi during deployment with great success. It helped to stop at least two full-blown back spasms and on several occasions when my back just ached. The relief was instantaneous after I completed the 35-40 minute stretching regime. I have recommended this program to several people and will continue to recommend the program. This program should be taught to young NSW operators in BUD/S. Now that I am back in Coronado, I will continue the program with Joe and Mimi. This program has my strongest personal recommendation for continuation!!"

"What Joe has created is great. It is my belief that his program combined with specific target area work from Kelly Starett's MobilityWOD.com would alleviate more than 90% of pain problems in our community. Many of my Co-workers are not satisfied with the results of their surgeries and it is amazing to have another option if people don't want to get cut (I didn't). Time with Joe has also increased my kinesthetic awareness greatly and I can feel tight areas that need work before they become an issue. I saw immediate results after my first session where I stayed for 2-3 hours. Exposing more operators to this program will only have positive effects. It gives them another tool to deal with lingering injuries and pain that has been with them for many years prior. Thanks for what you guys are doing."

"Joe, Mimi, Linda, and Erik are all highly professional, genuinely care about NSW community personnel, and go out of their ways to help return patients to optimum operational levels."

"This program got rid of my pain in my legs and lower back which allowed me to perform better in every aspect of the job. I wish this program was implemented sooner in training."

"The UHP method provides the user with the ability to determine their own rate of recovery for virtually any of the common ailments of SEALs, through discerning instruction of effective self-therapy. The potential for this program to increase operational longevity of SEALs and optimize NSW physical training is virtually unlimited."

"This program did in fact help me significantly with long term issues/pain as well as acute pain from recent injuries and strains. I have been to acupuncturists, chiropractic's, and physical therapists and none have provided me with the almost instant and long term relief as Joe and his staff. In addition, his walk-in hours allow me to make time on my schedule to visit or not attend without repercussions unlike Navy Medicine or Tricare Doctors. The flexibility (no pun intended) of the program has been a key factor for me. I would recommend anyone to see him before considering surgery."

"Preventive maintenance is ideal for any operator and by preventing injury would extend the operator's operational life and save the community a lot of resources and money. Strongly recommend this to anyone."

"This is the greatest therapy or modality I have found in 5 years of trying to correct my physical issues. I am grateful that UHP exists and is here to help us."

"I have experienced tremendous gains working with uhp. I attended physical therapy after initially tearing my hamstring. 9 months later when I pulled my hamstring I realized I need to change how I treat this recovery and rehab process. The uhp team is exactly what I needed and the progress has been great."

"This program is a must for SEALs. Physical standards exist for the PRT yet stretching is avoided. This program has relieved pain in an extremely short amount of time where others modalities lacked, as well as projected me to a range of motion never before attained. Highly recommended for all!"

"This program has done more good for me personally than anything the NAVY Medical has done. At one point when trying to get relief for my back a team doctor told me I probably should look for another Job. This program took care of the problem within a couple weeks. If our young SEALS are taught these techniques from the beginning (at NTC) I believe many injuries could be prevented and or taken care of to keep our men on the line longer. I believe that these stretching techniques need to be taught within the PT instruction at BUDS so the idea of stretching and use of these techniques becomes common place within the teams. These techniques should be added as a compliment to physical therapy. In the 4 months that I have attended this program I have seen many team guys come in complaining about being locked up and it was due to heavy power lifting and guys using whatever program that they could find to PT. The teams need to get back to a well-designed program and cut out letting everyone do their own thing and using whatever shiny new ideas out there."

"I had heard from several other SEALS my age that Joe was helping them out a great deal. After about six months of hearing about it I finally made the time to visit and experienced a great deal of relief after my first visit. Until now I thought the pain in my forearms and hands was something I was just going to have to live with the rest of my life."

"This program is a vital link in keeping SEAL operators working. Because of the op tempo in today’s world this program will teach SEAL operators how to train with fewer injuries and keep them able to operate."

"Amazing yet simple. The things he teaches and is able to treat help work out problems instantly and are easy to remember and perform on your own."

"Great Program."

"This is easily the best prehab/rehab program I have ever experienced or heard of I strongly recommend them to expand and continue."

"The program needs to be expanded to the prep course. Expose SEAL candidates to functional mobility at the beginning of their career, teach them the proper way to train, and they will avoid unnecessary training injury."

"The staff of UHP are extremely professional and have helped me tremendously. This program NEEDS to be implemented into the SEAL training pipeline ASAP."

"Overall I think this is definitely a good program and needs to continue. Making this a mandatory requirement for SEALs probably needs more analysis though, we have to be careful about how many "operational requirements" we pile on the guys. The only real issue I had with this program is that it seemed to progress slowly much of the time. This may have been due to volume of participants and limited number of instructors, but I stopped attending because I had addressed the pain issues I started the program for, and even though I wanted to learn more of the stretch exercises, with the relatively slow progression of the program and time constraints at work, I no longer attend. I do continue to perform the exercises that were shown me, and with excellent results."

"I believe that this program should be taught to BUD/S students in PTRR and Great Lakes to help reduce injuries/recovery time. If we begin to teach them effective ways to manage their bodies earlier then they can potentially have better performance/longevity in their careers as SEALs."

"The program is an outstanding investment in the people that constitute the force. If the concepts could be incorporated in training, I believe a direct correlation could be drawn to decreased injuries and increased longevities of useful service."

"This resource would have been beneficial to me when I first started my career. If I had these tools in the beginning I would probably not injured myself nearly as much and would have mitigated any injuries and increased recovery speed greatly. I already feel a huge difference in my back and my ability to move dynamically in general. I only wish this resource had been available sooner."

"This program will keep more SEALs operationally capable."

"Should become completely integrated into SEAL training during PRODEV phase."

"All Team Guys need to get on board with this. It should be included on our Morning TAP routines or in place of a workout session. Guys know WHAT to stretch they just don't know HOW to stretch and Joe and Mimi know how."

"Thanks Joe. Your stretching recipe was simple enough for me to take on deployment and keep it going every day for months on end. After many hours, I had a breakthrough and my back is stronger than ever!"

"I was one of the first to try the program and it really help me after my initial injury. With the program is help my hip heal and I was able to increase my physical activity after 4 weeks. I would have liked to continue working with Joe, but was unavailable due to training and deployment. I feel if I was able to work with Joe over a longer period of time not only my hip but other problem areas would benefit."

"This program is very necessary to the NSW community! It is VERY basic knowledge that stretching improves physical performance and more importantly PREVENTS injury! But ALL Team guys are guilty of not putting in the time and effort to improve flexibility, b/c it is just not as sexy as dead lifting the weight of a car or house. But the word needs to be continually to be put out to keep up the stretching so that Team guys can continue performing at their max. With that being said, this program should continue be made available to our community so that we prevent injuries, and continue improving physical capabilities of Team guys."

"I am extremely thankful that the stretching and 1-on-1 time spent in the gym has allowed me to return to the gym without any surgeries. I spent four months with the NSW medical community trying to find a fix for my back and pelvis ailment with no solution. Not until I began working with Joe and Mimi did I begin to have new hope that I could get better. In fact, I share all my newly learned rehab techniques with my family and friends and they too see that the therapy techniques work. The program is absolutely worth while keeping."

"I believe this program has significant merit to help reduce pain, increase ROM and improve the quality of life for those involved. I didn't give it the dedication required to improve and make it a part of my routine. No doubt, it hurts going through the program. I was in a "hurry to get fixed" and therefore I'm certain I went past the pain threshold of 7. What is a 7? It is engrained in a SEAL's mentality that pain is only temporary and you can always take a little bit more. Get your mind in the right state and a 10 can be tolerated for a couple minutes. I also didn't give the program long enough to work. I PCS'd about a month after meeting Joe and therefore unable to continue his program. There were many more stretches that I needed to learn how to do correctly but had to leave the area."

"Joe et al, thanks for the great work on this old aviator body! This training should be instituted in my community as well. I think it'd decrease all the chronic back injuries that we deal with."

"Priority should be given to SEALs first, then support personal and everyone else. I am glad to have Joe & his staff in our community."

"Great program operated by great people. Visits to them have helped me get my left hand back to about 70 percent full use at this time. Notable improvement to full range of motion. I am still working the program."

"Due to multiple injuries, a separate evaluation/survey for each area would be more appropriate, for each area to be addressed, but I want to show my support for future requirements by listing more than one area of pain relief/ROM I hope to have addressed by UHP. I am delighted with the increased strength and pain relief in my hands and wrists. I look forward to addressing additional areas of pain and lost ROM."

"I'm still at front end of therapy. Family emergencies have interrupted continuous participation. Need more time and participation to better gauge effectiveness for my issues."

"I had a great experience when I was able to attend the session. I was introduced to ROM during the combatives course. I would like to see the program expanded if possible, as this program seems to be focused more towards operators who are semi-injured (still able to train), which encompasses most of us. Physical therapy didn't seem to be a good fit for me, as it was focused more on people trying to recover from serious injuries/surgery. I would say there is not a lot of knowledge of ROM program within the NSW community and I think a lot of people could benefit. I would recommend an increase in communication of the session times."

"I have experienced the benefits of this program first hand, I have lived with back pain for over 20 years, and I have had every treatment with the exception of surgery which I consider too invasive, this training works. I believe that this program has the potential to teach our sailors ways to mitigate pain and potential injury. This should become a core part of SOF physical training."

"I only wish that I had more time to come by more regularly. Thank you all for your great instruction and care."

"This program is necessary for the long term care of injuries SEALs have received in their career."

"I really thought that this was great, I learned a lot. I feel like offering a "training session" or something of the sort to the teams or platoons would raise the knowledge base AND the awareness of the sessions you provide on a regular basis. I found out about it only because I just happened upon it. I think you should target not only those that are hurt but those that can and want to prevent injury."