UHP1: The Science Of Flexibility

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About This Video

The Science Of Flexibility. In this video, you'll learn about the foundational Ranges of Motion (ROMs).  You'll also learn the basic rules to form the foundation for all correct human movement.  This starts the process of Pain and Injury Elimination.

Correction To This Video. Under the "Migraine headache" explanation, when I refer to the "optic nerve" root, it should be "occipital nerve" instead.  Sorry for the misstatement.

Joseph Janssen

Why do you always mention the calf stretch as being #1 but never show it as #1 in your videos?

Jim Loustalot

Do you hold each finger for two minutes?

Joni Clark

Hi Joe! I'm watching now. Looking forward to a live seminar in the future.

Jimmy Jones

Thank you both for making this available to a wider audience! There are a lot of us who are messed up but have not been able to find relief. I look forward to providing a testimonial in the future!

Joe Hippensteel, a Master in Physio-Kinesiology, focuses on Ultimate Human Performance (UHP) at the highest levels. He spent many years training for the Decathlon at a national level. Due to his size (or lack thereof), and lack of God given talent, his accomplishments were developed through extremely hard work and creative, extremely advanced methods of training over a 30 year period. T...